Using the calculator

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The calculator gives a visual and full picture of the investment you are considering. After you put in key variables, the calculator returns payments and remaining debt for each period, and more things you may want know as a crowdfunding or peer-to-peer investor.

Example calculation graph

You for example want to know:

  • the debt still at risk after a number of periods; the calculator shows the remaining debt for that purpose.
  • the interest accumulated after a number of periods; the calculator shows the cumulative interest in the table.
  • after what period the total repayment surpasses your initial loan (principal); the calculator shows the cumulative payment in the table.

These characteristics of a crowdfunding or peer-to-peer loan are strongly influenced by the repayment scheme (either linear or annuity) the interest rate and the frequency of payment. Therefore using the calculator can help you as an investor to better select your investments. An example of the results of the calculator are given in the images contained in this article.


The example shows a loan that 1) takes 4 years to repay, 2) pays out annually, 3) repays with an annuity scheme, 4) at 5% p.a. Both the table and graph for example show the size of the payments and the remaining debt. That way you can also tell how much debt is still at risk for this project after x years.

Example calculation table


To calculate all this, the calculator expects you to put in the principal you intend to invest, the repayment scheme, the annual interest rate, the frequency of repayment and the number of periods. On most crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending websites these variables are readily available.


Besides the graph and table shown, the calculator can also:

  • export a CSV file of the table, for use in Excel or other spreadsheet software;
  • create a PDF report for you to save on your computer for later use, with all the relevant variables and outcomes;
  • customize the project title, and when you supply a project image and/or external link these are also added to the page;
  • all the user inputs (including project image and external link) are put together in a link which you can use to link to the calculator.

Example calculation table