This website was created to provide tools for crowdfund (and peer to peer) investors and lenders. When investing in these projects I felt existing calculators online were lacking. You could for example repurpose a mortgage calculator, but often that is not satisfactory. Hence my own tool for crowdfund investing.

Crowdfundtool for example shows the payments for each period of a loan, the remaining debt and cumulative interest. The calculations are based on your own inputs, such as the duration and the frequency of repayment. Moreover some graphs accompany the calculations. It is possible to export a PDF, or a CSV which can be used in your own tool, like Excel. How to use the tool is explained in more detail in this article. Suggestions and ideas are welcome!

Besides the usual disclaimer I stress that calculations made with Crowdfundtool and shared by associated accounts or others are no endorsements of the projects concerned. Crowdfundtool does no due diligence, and only makes calculations for you. Calculations can be off because of rounding or when a crowdfund or peer to peer platform makes its calculations differently. Be careful how you invest. As a rule of thumb often the advice is given to not invest more than 10 percent of your total portfolio in crowdfunding loans.

Martin van Elp

PS. For those interested: the calculator is made in R Shiny and the (static) website is made with Hugo plus a little help from Javascript here and there.